Fincar Ltda. Specialized in property Management.  Members of the Real Estate Association of Santander and with the certification of our quality management system to ISO 9001, with standardized processes to serve our customers. 

We have two offices which are strategically located in the metropolitan area of ​​Bucaramanga. For this reason we can cover the city limits having properties of different parts of the city, Bucaramanga, Floridablanca, Girón and Piedecuesta; offering a variety of properties, which provide very good market opportunities for your home and business needs, thus satisfying the needs of our customers. 

We offer a wide publicity through different media: on our website, specialized Websites in real estate, "Se vende y se arrienda" newspaper, local newspaper in town, and directly in our billboards with personalized attention in our offices. 

To show the property to prospective tenants we have qualified and professional staff that always are ready to make the appointments depending on your availablility.

With our company the owner´s rent are backed by insurance, who thorough a really careful study applicants and borrowers to find achievers tenants of their legal duties and obligations. 

Fincar ltda. guarantee to the owner of the property the payment of the rent on the first business day of the month up, independent of the tenant payment behavior.